Sep 27, 2023 7:30 AM
Rotary Club of Key Largo Weekly Meeting
Patricia Milian - How to Move Past Unconscious Bias Toward Real Connection

How to Move Past Unconscious Bias Toward Real Connection

Studies show that groups, businesses, organizations and entire societies can benefit by embracing diverse viewpoints and perspectives. But our natural human instinct to categorize and stereotype others subconsciously can get in the way of our conscious efforts to be fair and inclusive – often in ways we don’t even realize. In this interactive session, learn about the brain science behind unconscious bias, gain insights into your own biases (we all have them!), and discover simple steps you can take to overcome them and reap the benefits of authentic connection in an increasingly diverse world.

About Patricia Milian

As Senior Vice President at ComplyRight, Inc., Patricia Milian led product development and marketing for a wide spectrum of HR solutions, including workplace diversity and harassment prevention training. ComplyRight is a national provider of HR products and services for employers of all sizes. A resident of Key Largo, Patricia serves on the Board of Directors for Upper Keys Business and Professional Women (BPW).