Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Key Largo Sunset, which received its official charter from Rotary International on June 5. 2019. Among the charter members are Lisa Feliciano who joined Key Largo Rotary in 2001, and Kerry Cosme who has been a member for more than 10 years. Key Largo Rotary is pleased to sponsor this new club and looks forward to collaborating on good work in the community for decades to come.

The Rotary Club of Key Largo has agreed to sponsor the newly-chartered Rotary Club of Key Largo Sunset, which began as our satellite club in October 2018.

The new club is the eighth in the Florida Keys, joining Key Largo (Sunrise), Upper Keys (Noon), Marathon (Noon), Big Pine & Lower Keys (Noon) Key West Sunrise, Key West (Noon), and Key West Sunset. One out of every 167 Monroe County residents is a Rotarian, with 471 active members countywide.

“Our board is thrilled to sponsor this new energetic group, first as our own satellite club and now as an independent Rotary club. These new Rotarians are committed to volunteering their time and talents to do good in the world, and specifically their mission is to make a difference for the elderly in the Upper Keys,” said Key Largo Rotary president Jennifer McComb, who is serving as new club advisor for Rotary International.

Lisa Feliciano will go down in history as the club’s founding president, followed by Marlen Weeks who will take over as president on July 1, 2020. Club secretary Christina Martinez will become president on July 1, 2021. Ashley Arrabal is serving as treasurer and Sergeant Scott Ward chairs the club’s efforts for the Rotary Foundation.

Additional charter members, for a total of 37, are Bryan Arrabal, Nicole Blanche, Christina Boilini, Cathy Brewer, Lee Caltagirone, Jennifer Cappadona, Ben Cosme, long-time Rotarian Kerry Cosme, Jean Gonzalez, Gil Gonzalez, Pablo Gonzalez-Quevedo, Yvonne Gonzalez-Quevedo, Sandi Haab, James Hager, James Hiatt, James Jeske, Sharon Kittle-Smith, Melissa Lopez, Sarah Masterson, Tania Mattson, Jim McCarthy, Maria McGlocklin, Lourdes Montagne, Wil Pena, John Ribble, Kelley Steinmetz, Emilie Stewart, Cheryl Talbert, Christine Thing, Nancy Truesdale, Nicholis Whiteman, and Ofelia Wiltz.

The original Key Largo Rotary was chartered on April 9, 1990 with 66 charter members. Nearly 30 year later, five still remain active with the club: Bill Andersen, Gretchen Holland, Spencer Slate, and honorary members Bob Cullin and Bill Markey.

The Key Largo Sunset Rotary meets at Denny’s in Key Largo on the first and third Mondays of every month at 6 p.m. Membership is by invitation only, and members may attend meetings of any of the 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas worldwide. For more information, contact Lisa Feliciano at 305-766-0643.